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2023-02-22 06:24:09 By : Mr. Guanglin Wang

Italian-based Rivit is a specialist in producing rivet solutions, with its latest development the Treriv rivet for high resistance assemblies on light materials or thin parts.

Rivit Srl points out that the Treriv rivet is specifically designed for the assembly of plastic, plexiglass, plywood or thin metal sheets and features a unique deformation that enables it to open into the shape of a three pointed star – thanks to the grooves on the body of the rivet itself. These large pressure wings distribute the clamping force evenly over a large area and allow the rivet to be set without damaging the surface and thus ensuring the integrity of the parts to assemble. As for the installation of Treriv rivets, Rivit recommends the use of its cordless RIV750 riveter, designed for the application of rivets in all alloys up to 4.8mm in diameter. Rivet 3.2 Mm

A specialist in rivets | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Also available from Rivit are its Tubriv rivet nuts, which are designed to provide maximum clamping action over a wide range of material thickness – creating female threads where there is no access from the blind side. The distinctive Tubriv geometry, when deforming, creates a large blind side bearing area, which ensures integrity of the parts to assemble, especially on plastics and composites.

Ideal fields of application for the Tubriv are composites and plastics, such as display panels, sandwich sections, household appliances, containers, buses and caravan panelling, as well as the internal parts of ships. The most suitable tool to install Tubriv rivet nuts is the cordless RIV790, designed for M3 to M10 rivet nuts and featuring 13,000N pulling power.

Rivit has also recently launched its latest technical catalogue ‘Blind Rivets 9/1’ - 200 pages illustrating the full range of standard, structural, special rivets, speed rivets in cartridge, rivets, eyelets and related installation tools, as well as the new diameters, lengths, and sizes, the company can supply.

Available online now, the 9/1 catalogue features: New colours – such as Corten Brown, particularly suitable for roofing and metal sheet coverings; Magnabulbriv – structural rivets featuring a big size blind side that prevents pull through, especially when joining thin or lightweight materials; Flooriv – structural rivets used to join wood and metal sheets, widely used in the industrial car body manufacturing industry; hand riveting tools RIV18, RIV98, RIV19; RIV303 with built-in booster, specifically designed for the application of Speedriv cartridge rivets; automatic systems RIV606 and RIV609, which make riveting operations faster and safer; and finally CONTROLRIV control systems – Basic, Primary and Replica versions – to help plan, control and analyse work. 

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A specialist in rivets | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

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